St Matthew’s College, Sede Fundadora

مختلط (2-18)
مدرسة نهارية
St. Matthew's College, Moldes 1469, C1426ALQ CABA, Argentina
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St. Matthew’s College is a lay, coeducational, bilingual school which consists of Kindergarten, Junior, Middle and Senior School. The school has approximately 500 students and its campus stands in the city of Buenos Aires. It also counts with a 17 hectare site located in Pilar which is used to practice sports and other activities.

Since its foundation, the school has followed a policy of continuous improvement and expansion.

Our integrated bilingual programme targets to the highest standard in academic education, sports, the arts and a complete and solid formation of every aspect of a student’s personality.

St. Matthew’s College’s main goal is to give students an exemplary ethical grounding and prepare them for life in higher education at any university.

Our Kindergarten offers a safe, warm and nurturing learning environment. Children are challenged and stimulated through a variety of activities to learn through discovery.

The Junior School curriculum is roughly half-day Spanish and half- day English medium teaching. Children learn in a warm and caring environment which makes for happy and creative learning of the English language.

As from Middle School our local academic programs are officially recognized as bilingual, and French is incorporated as a third language. In Senior School, instruction carried out in English leads to the local bilingual diploma, IGCSE exams administered by the University of Cambridge and the IB Diploma Programme, offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

The school offers a wide programme of sports: hockey, rugby, volley, athletics, and special activities such as: Music, Art, Choir, Chess, Community Service, and Religion, all of which are practiced daily on the school’s campus.

For several years now, the school offers an international exchange programme with different bilingual schools from around the world such as United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Uruguay and others.


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