King’s College, The British School of Frankfurt

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Day School
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Hugenottenstraße 119, 61381. Friedrichsdorf, Germany
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عام التأسيس2018
مرحلة التسجيل / الدرجاتEnrolment period open all year round
الصعودDay School
عدد الطلاب57
نسبة الطالب المعلم
ناظر المدرسةKirsty Sharp
الرسوم الدراسية السنوية (دقيقة)8136
الرسوم الدراسية السنوية (الحد الأقصى)19428


King’s College Frankfurt is part of King’s Group, a prominent education organisation founded in 1969, which provides a high-quality British education to more than 8,000 students across the globe.

King’s College Frankfurt is located in northern Frankfurt in the residential town of Friedrichsdorf, approximately 20 kilometres from the city centre and with excellent communication by road, rail and air. The school was opened in August 2018 and once at full capacity is designed to hold approximately 600 pupils, eventually catering for students from the age of 2 years old (Pre-Nursery), through to 18 years old (Year 13). At the moment, the school offers places to children between the ages of 2 (Pre-Nursery) and 13 years old (Year 8). From August 2020 it will be opening Year 9. As these pupils progress through their academic journey, the school will expand year groups accordingly.

At King’s College Frankfurt pupils study under the English National curriculum, which is globally recognised as one of the best educational systems. Pupils learn through hands-on practical experiences that aim to enrich the whole child’s growth. A British education gives alumni the best opportunities to work in challenging and interesting careers all over the world.

About King’s Group

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, King’s Group is one of the most prestigious educational institutions internationally, currently operating a total of 10 schools in the UK (Worcestershire), Spain (Madrid, Alicante, Murcia and Elche), Germany (Frankfurt), Latvia (Riga) and Panama (Panama City). The Group was founded in 1969 by Sir Roger Fry, knighted in 2012 by Queen Elizabeth II for promoting British education internationally

King's College, The British School of Frankfurt


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National Curriculum of England & Wales

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N/A - Currently offering through Yr 8

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