ISR International School on the Rhine

مختلط (3-19)
مدرسة نهارية
Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 2, 41464 Neuss, Germany
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عام التأسيس2003
مرحلة التسجيل / الدرجاتKindergarten to Grade 12
الصعودمدرسة نهارية
عدد الطلاب765
نسبة الطالب المعلم1:5
الإعتماداتISR is recognized by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as an international supplementary school (“anerkannte internationale Ergänzungsschule”), AdvancED, Ai-Accreditation International, Cambridge Examination Centre, International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, College Board PSAT, SAT, and AP (Advanced Placement)
ناظر المدرسةMs Eileen Lyons
الرسوم الدراسية السنوية (دقيقة)-0
الرسوم الدراسية السنوية (الحد الأقصى)-0


“It is cool to excel” summarizes the ethos of ISR. “Whether it is in academia, sports, or music, giving your best, while still being humble is something we try to instill in every student.”, states School Director, Eileen Lyons.ISR is a preeminent college prep school, whose students get accepted into top universities around the world.The school´s students have ranked amongst the top 5 IB average grades across Germany. 50% of the students study math, sciences, engineering, IT and 25% study business after leaving ISR.It is a privately financed, non-profit school with a full-day academic program in the Düsseldorf and Cologne region.The school offers an excellent, international education with a holistic concept from Kindergarten to Grade 12.99% of the graduates leave with an IB Diploma and an internationally accredited High School Degree. AP is also an option for US bound students.Set in 50,000 square meters of greenery, ISR is home to more than 700 students stemming from 40 nationalities. The staff to pupil ratio is one to five.Academic excellence rests on three pillars:

    1. ISR recruits top teachers and invests heavily in training and developing these teachers. The underlying belief is that teachers find the emotional key to the student – and not a book alone.Teachers can bring material to life and motivate students. This requires the best teachers.


    1. Curriculum is a supporting mechanism to help structure the teaching. ISR deploys IB in Grades 11/12, IGCSE in Grades 9/10, and Sabis across the school.ISR measures learning outcomes frequently and thus avoids gaps from emerging – and if they do emerge, the gaps are closed quickly through tutoring.


    1. ISR believes in working in close partnership with parents. The fact that the students remain with ISR on average almost 8 years, allows a close cooperation between academic staff and parents.


Parents also receive real time data on their child´s progress through an on-line tool called “Webschool”.ISR prides itself in preparing the students for their future path. Three full time staff members counsel students on career options and correspondingly course selections.Parents are deeply involved in this process. ISR strongly believes in internships as one of the best ways for students to get a real feel for career options.The students learn organizational and leadership skills as part of their experience in the “Student Life Organization”. SLO provides a platform for roughly 100 students to organize school processes and lead this with their respective teams. This fosters organizational and leadership skills in the ISR students.Especially for a school, where 55% of last year´s graduating class started in Kindergarten and graduated 12 years later, instilling values for life is critical. The leadership team deeply believes in: respecting performance of others, understanding and respecting different cultures, honesty, integrity, responsibility, sincerity, and the value of logical thinking mixed with a touch of “gut feel”.Lastly, ISR offers a state of the art infrastructure. The spacious building is 10 years old. All classrooms and study areas have interactive whiteboards. Several well equipped science labs, 3D printer, IT labs, as well as a virtual reality area, and a fitness center are available for students.“We are a five-star service provider, but we expect our students to work hard, engage, and simply do their best.” says owner, Peter Soliman.


منهاج دراسي

IB, AP, IGCSE, High School Diploma

لغات التدريس

لغات اجنبية

French, Spanish, Japanese, Madarin, Russian, German


International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, IGCSE

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We offer in total 87 extracurricular activities on our modern Campus and the vicinity. These activities are for example: Antolin Reading, Art Workshop, Ballet Classic, Boomwhacker Ensemble, Cheerleading, Chess, Chinese for Beginners, Chinese for Natives, Circuits (Fitness), Creative Minds, Creative Writing, Drama Club, Floorball, Football Freestyle, Fun en Francais, Golf, Hindi for Natives, Hip Hop Dancing, Homework Club, Horse Riding, Horse Riding for Beginners, Athletics, Badminton, Baseball, Volleyball, Fencing, Girls Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Junior Running Team, ISR Primary School Choir, Japanese for Natives, Jewellery Workshop Junior, MUN, KG Helper, Korean for Natives, Kumon Advanced, Kumon Beginner, Library Assistent, Maths Club, Motopädie, Musicbox Oxana, Persian for Natives, Ping Pong, Playground/Cafeteria Prefect, Pre-School Dance, Football, Public Speaking, Reading Club KG, ISR Rock Band, Russian Culture Club, Russian for Natives, Shaolin Kung Fu, SLO Attendance Prefect, SLO Junior Prefect 4-6, SLO Senior Prefect, Spanish Club, Spanish for Natives, Story Time, Yoga, Swimming for advanced, Swimming for beginners, Tennis, The basis of Artistic Singing, Traffic Education, Vaulting, Wind Band, Yearbook Team, Yoga, Young Artists Group, Zumba
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