Denla British School

مختلط (2-18)
Day School
+66 2 666 1933
58 Moo2 ถนน ราชพฤกษ์ Om Kret, Amphoe Pak Kret, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand
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Year of Foundation2017
Enrollment Phase / GradesPre-Early Year to Year 13
BoardingDay School
Number of students400
Teacher Student Ration/a
AccreditationsCIS membership, ISAT membership
HeadmasterMr. Mark McVeigh
Yearly Tuition Fee (Min)449'300 THB
Yearly Tuition Fee (Max)797'500 THB


DBS is dedicated to the development of an inspiring and nurturing environment in which students fulfil their unique potential as global leaders.

MOTTO: ‘Semper ad Maiora’ (Always to Greater Things). The DBS motto ‘Always to Greater Things’ reflects the DBS commitment to continuous improvement, practised by the whole community; students, staff and parents.

VISION: Our vision is for DBS to be acknowledged as a leading provider of exceptional all-round education in a positive, compassionate community. We aim to nurture global leaders through the 4 DBS Pillars:

1. An Enhanced British Curriculum
2. Academic Excellence for All
3. Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking
4. Community and Global Perspectives


1. An Enhanced British Curriculum

Students benefit from a progressive and rigorous academic curriculum with a fulfilling and diverse co-curriculum, taught by particularly well-qualified teachers, to encourage lifelong learning.

Students are given the opportunity to develop as able, well-rounded individuals with excellent communication skills, discovering interests and talents beyond the classroom.

DBS provides superb facilities to give students a wide variety of opportunities.

2. Academic Excellence for All

DBS promotes outstanding teaching and learning through a personalised approach that encourages students to reach their highest levels of achievement.

Individual students are encouraged to be fully engaged in their learning, work hard and excel.

Enquiry, curiosity and active collaborative participation are promoted.

Students are well-prepared for entrance into world class universities and fulfilling future careers.

3. Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking

Students are encouraged to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, strong leaders, and excellent team players.

Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are promoted.

Students are encouraged to take risks, and show resilience to achieve appropriately challenging goals.

Classrooms and communal spaces have stimulating display areas that reflect the high standards of the learning taking place in School.

4. Community and Global Perspectives

DBS is committed to preserving ‘Thainess’ by placing importance on Thai language, culture, and arts.

Students learn the importance of international values such as respect, thoughtfulness, empathy, kindness, generosity, integrity, and mindfulness.

The focus on global citizenship creates an environment that encourages all students to be moral, understanding and tolerant of others.

Students’ well-being is assured through fostering a happy, safe and purposeful environment, providing each child with the skills and opportunities to develop confidence, self-motivation, independence and a positive self-image.

DBS encourages the home-school partnership, and parents are fully engaged in the learning process.


DBS is delighted to have international recognition: it has been granted membership of the Council of International Schools (CIS) after a glowing CIS evaluation. This is a premier international school association – 1,370 schools and universities across 116 countries – with a firm commitment to the best international practices of education.

These are some of the areas of particular strength highlighted by the CIS:

  1. Positive school culture, warmth of welcome and openness of spirit

  2. Full commitment to continuing school improvement

  3. Knowledge of the Senior Management Team and Heads of Department, with a proven track record

  4. Teacher commitment

  5. High standard of teaching

  6. Students engaged and enthusiastic about their learning

  7. Commendable students’ confidence in articulating their learning

  8. Curriculum adapted to meet the individual needs of the student

  9. Major focus on the well-being of students and staff

  10. Child protection and safeguarding

  11. Shared responsibility and partnership with parents

  12. Maintenance and ongoing development of a high-quality learning environment

What Sets DBS Apart from Other Schools in Our Area?

  1. CIS membership

  2. Apart from Thai and Mandarin, ALL teachers’ first language is English

  3. World renowned British Curriculum

  4. Each student’s progress is the result of individualised guidance

  5. Outstanding pastoral care and well-being of the students

  6. Superb co-curricular provision and facilities

  7. Students are confident, articulate, enthusiastic and justifiably proud of DBS

  8. Complete commitment of the owners to build on DBS success: DBS is NOT a franchise


The campus at DBS offers an array of exceptional facilities which create a dynamic learning environment for students. The design of DBS is inspired by the school’s vision of delivering an outstanding education. Every aspect of the campus, from the state-of-the-art classrooms to our modern sport facilities, helps students to feel inspired to learn.

Conveniently located in the Nonthaburi area of North West Bangkok, the Denla British School campus extends across 24 acres of land (60 Rais). Classrooms are fitted with the latest technology.


Denla British School provides all students with an outstanding international style, British independent day school education that will prepare them well to be a critical part of an increasingly competitive global environment. The school embraces the principles of a UK independent day school, providing opportunities for co-curricular activities and enhanced curriculum time. The English National Curriculum sets out a clear and full entitlement to the learning for all students. It determines the content of what should be taught and sets targets for learning. It gives teachers, students and parents a clear understanding of the skills and knowledge that students will gain at DBS.

The curriculum at Denla British School emphasises the importance of English language, Maths, Science, Thai language and Culture, Mandarin, and entrepreneurship and innovation, complemented by an excellent programme for the Arts, Sports, Music and Drama. It has been designed to stimulate, challenge and support all students.

The curriculum is under-pinned by a Well-being programme that is a fundamental part of the curriculum, and is reflective of the Thai ethos. It promotes the acquisition of skills necessary for achievement e.g. time management, and an opportunity to practise self-control, decision-making and management of stress. Good mental and physical health are paramount to happiness. Mindfulness and reflection are important elements of every child’s journey through DBS.

Subject specialist teaching is a feature of the School with children benefiting from the experience of teachers with specific subject expertise, as early as EY1 in Thai, Mandarin, Sports and Music. Subjects are taught in departmental areas to gives students the advantage of specialist facilities such as laboratories, art studios, computer suites, design technology workshops and modern language spaces.

The Library is located at the heart of Denla British School and holds a stock of fiction from which students may borrow. The curricular provision is regularly reviewed to ensure that it best serves the interests of all students, and departments are responsible for the development of their particular subject area.

Nurturing Global Leaders
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Enhanced British Curriculum. It is based on the best practice of the UK independent school. All subjects are taught by experienced and English native teachers (apart from Mandarin subjects), and are integrate with technologies.

Languages of instruction


Foreign languages

Thai, Mandarin



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